Red Sky In Morning, Sailor Take Warning


Even though we are 50 miles from the east coast, and many more from the Gulf to the south, our skies are already giving us a warning: there’s a storm on the horizon. We’re making preempt plans for the heavy winds, copious rain fall and power outages that are sure to follow. Praying for those in the direct path of Hurricane Michael. Please stay safe.

For those who are suffering from storms in your personals lives, you have my prayers too. You’re not alone. God loves you. Never forget that.

isaiah 4 6 niv

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A Short Jaunt Through The Country

Not much going on here today. It’s kinda lazy day. The weather was pleasant, so, we hopped on the steel steeds and took a short jaunt. We would have gone longer but there’s another front approaching and the wind is blowing 90-to-nothin’! This is some of our daily views. Enjoy!  🙂

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Happy Friday

It’s another beautiful but blustery day. When IS the wind going to lay down!? I know, it’s March. It certainly is “marching” through our area, with a vengeance. I’m sitting here watching the trees bend to the winds command. I wanna ride, dadgum it! 🙂 The cool, dry air has rendered the road to that slippery white sandy powder. It’s hard pan below but the top is not real conducive to keeping a two wheel vehicle upright. I could probably get down the one-mile of country road OK, but once I can gain speed on the pavement, the wind blasts would wear me slap out. So, here’s some pretty pictures to pass the time.


I pray your day is lovely too.


The Lost Weekend

It started at 4:30 AM when my husband’s smartphone weather alert shook us from slumber. It was the tornado weather alert.  Having mercifully survived a tornado strike in November of 1995, those rascals make me as nervous as a cat with nine tails in a room full of rocking chairs. I’d much rather go through a hurricane than a tornado any day.


Yesterday was wave after wave of tornado activity, driving rain, hail, and cooler temp’s. The forecast was so deadly that all the Church’s here in Pierce County decided to shut their doors for the day. It was a wise decision because that way only emergency personnel would be on the roads. Hubby and I had devotionals at home, including praying for all those in the storms path. Well, I for one am glad that’s over and so very thankful that there was minimal loss of life just property damage. It’s still overcast, chilly and windy this morning, but nothing as ‘exciting’ as yesterday.


May your day be uneventful and full of “joy unspeakable”.