Why In The World

Happy Sunday friends! As a change today, I would like to make a suggestion for an on-line Bible Study. Hubby and I have been listening to many of the Andy Stanley series he’s offered on the internet. He’s a minister that has, I believe, five churches in the Atlanta, Georgia area. The current series he’s offering is called Why In The World. Andy Stanley has shown both of us so many things in God’s Holy Word that somehow we’ve ‘missed’ or misinterpreted or just plain ignored … I don’t know where to start. His teachings are very edifying and educational. I would like to highly recommend his teaching. We’re watching one lesson a week.

Enjoy! Blessings to you and yours my dears. And always remember, JESUS LOVES YOU!

god loves you

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Daily Devotionals And Our Walk With Him

tip top tuesday tidbits

For some reason this has been weighing on my heart. Perhaps someone needs to hear a word of encouragement today. This morning I decided  I was going to post on Daily Devotionals. About how important they are in our walk with Jesus. Well, lo and behold, my dear friend Linda did the same thing! If that’s not a ‘sign’ I don’t know what is. Ms. Linda recommends Sweet Blessings (I just checked it out and it is excellent.) Our Church is using the LifeWay series. For Women it’s “Journey, A Woman’s Guide To Intimacy With God”. For Men it’s called “Stand Firm, God’s Challenge For Today’s Man”. Frankly, I read them both since God’s Word is for everyone. He’s no respecter of persons and, boy howdy, do I need to hear His word often. I fail Him every moment of every day but because of His forgiveness and love, I keep plugging away. Thank you Jesus for your patience.

Today’s lesson was especially poignant (below) titled Politics, Anger, and Jesus.


Wasn’t that fitting!? It sure lifted me. I may save this one just to keep reminding myself about who is God, to stop worrying, and to lean on Him more. As our pastor’s wife used to say, “God’s Got This”. Yes, ma’am, He sure does.

Do you have a website or daily devotional to recommend?

He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” (Psalms 91: 1-2)

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Fun Halloween Graphics


I wanted to share this information for others in case they would like some funny faces or graphics or even something serious to their social media. I made the above at PicMonkey.com. Isn’t that a hoot? It’s now residing on my sidebar for Halloween along with the new ‘scary’ background available here at WordPress. A spider was chosen as a theme because they’re the most frightening in the woods, in my opinion. Oh, they’re pretty and all, and I enjoy photographing them, but they’d better stay outside or it’s squash time!

The website Imikimi has oodles of nifty backgrounds and platforms that one can use to personalize all our social media outlets. All you add is the image of your choice. This one below is one I’m using at FaceBook (yeah, I joined again but I only follow people I know personally, like the FAITH Riders group to keep up with the news, that’s it! Everyone else is blocked.).


Lissy-facebook cover at Imikimi

Of course, it has to have a motorcycle in it. *giggle*

Do you recommend any such websites?



(What? Too scary ….?!?)